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Kincraig Hotel

8 May 2019

Read a statement from Council in relation to the Kincraig Hotel.

The Naracoorte Lucindale Council is supportive of local business growth and sustainability, and works cooperatively with building owners to achieve legislative compliance from a building fire safety perspective, and to protect the safety of building occupiers and users. 


Council has been liaising with the Kincraig Hotel managers for approximately 12 months on Building Fire Safety.  Most of the matters relating to building fire safety were located in the upstairs accommodation area, and thus had no impact on the majority of Kincraig Hotel’s operations such as bars, dining room, beer garden, bottle shop or gaming area.


We consider that the Kincraig Hotel had been making steady progress to achieve Building Fire Safety compliance and as a result, there have been no formal building fire safety notices issued by Council on the Kincraig Hotel.


Under the Development Act 1993, all Councils in South Australia must ensure adequate fire safety in buildings and protect the safety of building occupiers and users.


Council considers that the Kincraig Hotel was close to remedying all Building Fire Safety requirements, and accordingly, we do not accept that Council would be the primary reason for their decision to close.